Why Multi-Level-Marketing Isn’t For You

“So it’s a pyramid scheme.” “Isn’t that like super manipulative?” “Don’t you lose ALL of your friends?”

I’ve been in the Multi-level Marketing industry for the last 5–6 years and it’s been a ride. Pyramid Schemes, Manipulative people, and so many other negative stereotypes are part of the narrative that surrounds this industry.

But I don’t want to focus on all of the objections that come up as being in the MLM industry. What I want to focus on is why it isn’t for you. Here are just a few of the many many reasons why MLM’s are not for you:

  1. You’re not passionate about the products you’re promoting. If you are not 100% positive that what you are promoting to others isn’t the best thing since avocado toast, then you’re either affiliated with the wrong company, or you’re in the wrong industry. It’s going to be infinitely harder to stick through the highs and lows of having your own business, if you don’t believe in the service you’re providing (duh!).
  2. You don’t care about people or you don’t want to help others. While most of the people who give the industry a bad rap are doing so because they’re poorly trained, there are simply also bad people in the industry that DO take advantage of others. So if you’re one of them, please don’t decide to join as well.
  3. You want to make money quick. I can tell you that the first two years I barely made more than $300 a month. And I worked somewhat hard. I did more than the average network marketer or distributor. So if you’re in it to make money quick, be ready to work EXTREMELY hard and extremely long hours, or like I mentioned above, choose another career. Otherwise, set realistic goals with realistic expectations of how much time and work you have to put in in order to make a certain amount.
  4. You care about what others think of you. I wasted so much time in the beginning being bogged down by all of the things people may or may not be thinking of me, that it makes me cringe (cringing while I’m writing this actually). If you majorly care about maintaining your image or what people think of you, once again you may want to look at other career options like being a doctor.
  5. You want to sell and sell hard. Depending on the culture you’re from, this might actually be acceptable; however for most of us it isn’t. Do you like being sold to? I didn’t think so. Neither do I! Many people think that it is a sales job, and…theoretically it is. But really it is a consulting job. People don’t confide in you in their health/financial/or whatever concerns unless they REALLY trust you. Will they trust you if you hard sell them? Most likely not. Will they trust you if you treat them like a friend and ask a ton of questions and recommend a product, after you’ve made sure they understand you care about them? A ton more likely! So if you’re a salesperson and you’re not willing to unlearn absolutely EVERYTHING you’ve learned about sales, then it’ll be very likely that you won’t be successful in this industry.
  6. Your partner does not approve of you being successful. Relationships can be a huge determining factor if you’re successful or not in this industry. Like I’ve read a gazillion times in the fifty different self-help and personal development books that are stacked up in my room, you are the average of the five people you’re closest to. So if your spouse or partner is going to be betting against your success, the likelihood is that you’re not going to be successful. Or that it may take you longer and be WAY more emotionally draining than it has to be. Some people still end up being successful even with a grouchy partner. However, if you are about to have a meeting and you need your partner to watch the kids in that time but he/she/they doesn’t approve of what you do — what is the likelihood that they’ll do it? It’s a lot easier when you’re both rooting for your success (and no, that doesn’t mean that they have to prospect for you or do it with you).
  7. You want to be “normal”. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being normal but really this is a business. And running a business requires you to be everything but normal. You need to commit yourself to growth and doing things when you don’t feel like doing them, no matter what. It may require you to not go out dancing with your friends when you could be networking, or it may require you to not watch Netflix when you have samples to send out. It doesn’t sound very sexy, but being in network marketing requires coaching and business knowledge, and is a TON of work. Most people don’t want to get uncomfortable or face rejection or give up some of the common pleasures (even if it’s only temporarily) in order to grow.

Some of this may sound harsh, but really what I’m trying to get at is that MLMs and network marketing (business in general, really) requires for people to want to be the best versions of themselves, make sacrifices (not the human kind), invest in their growth every single day, get uncomfortable on a regular basis and so much more. It’s not sexy at all. I’ve had several meltdowns and breakdowns because it was hard, like really hard, but I’m so glad I’ve stuck with it.

I only say that MLMs are not for you because of the previously mentioned reasons, because I want to make sure you’re not wasting your time and so I can save you some of the disappointment that would come along with it if you fall in one of those categories.

Bottom line is: If you’re only looking for a quick buck and not prepared to treat it like a business, then MLMs are not for you.



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